Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Drunk as a Skunk: Fired Tacoma teacher Klara Bowman blood alcohol was 5 times legal limit

This is a follow up on what I reported yesterday that drew a significant amount of traffic.
  I’ve never seen blood alcohol reported to be this high before.  She was slouched. 

KING 5 reports an investigative report released Tuesday revealed the Tacoma kindergarten teacher fired for allegedly drinking on the job had a blood alcohol content of five times the legal limit.  Klara Bowman was fired last week.  District officials have said she was drunk while inside the classroom.

Bowman was placed on administrative leave on February 19 while the investigation took place.

"Well to fire anyone in any industry, there has to be a lot of documentation," said Dan 

Voelpel, who is the Executive Director of Communications for Tacoma Public Schools.
n this case, there are more than a hundred pages of documentation.  The investigation found that Bowman brought alcohol into her classroom and became so intoxicated she was incapable of supervising her kindergarten students.

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