Thursday, March 17, 2016

Environmental Racism in Newark New Jersey under Black Democrat Mayor? Newark Schools to Test Pupils for Lead as Officials Cite Longstanding Problem

Newark Mayor Ras J. Baraka

The corrupt media machine will treat the led contamination story in Newark New Jersey much differently than it does Flint Michigan. 
Newark is also a majority Black city like Flint.  But, Newark which has had a succession of Black mayors for over 30 years won’t get called on the carpet with allegations of Environmental Racism by activists looking to score political points.    

NY Times reports as they prepared to begin testing young children for lead poisoning this week, school officials in Newark on Wednesday acknowledged that water in the city’s schools had contained elevated levels of lead for years.

Reports from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to be released on Thursday showed that levels of lead above 15 parts per billion, the threshold at which the federal Environmental Protection Agency suggests taking action, had been found in about 250 samples of water in the schools in the past four years. Similar levels of lead had been found in the tests taken over the past few months, which led officials to shut off the faucets and drinking fountains at 30 of the city’s 67 schools and immediately bring in bottled water.

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