Monday, March 21, 2016

FDNY New Entry Exam Has Been Dumbed Down to Make it Easier for Minorities: Critics Claim

Lowering standards is wrong.
  If anybody can’t pass the test, they either need to step of their game or find another line of work. 

NY Post reports FDNY candidates will take an entry exam that quizzes them on topics like African killer bees and on math questions such as comparing veggie chips to pretzels, but little on firefighting.

With the city planning to give the first FDNY entry exam in five years in 2017, critics say the test has been dumbed down since a judge ruled a former exam discriminated against minorities.

A recently posted preparation manual asks aspiring Bravest to practice by watching videos produced by Lowe’s hardware store on how to install a toilet, replace a sink, and lay a tile floor.

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