Tuesday, March 22, 2016

GOP presidential candidates blast Obama for attending baseball game with Communist BFF the Castros' while Brussels burns

Do you really think Obama gives a rip about a terrorist attack in Brussels? 
The is the same guy who jetted to the golf course within minutes of announcing an American hostage got his head chopped off by ISIS.  Contrary to the thoughts of many, Obama is a very unfeeling person who only cares about what her cares about-remaking America into a Socialist hellhole.   

Daily Mail reports Republicans are already criticizing President Obama for staying put in Cuba instead of coming home or flying to Belgium in the wake of the terrorist attacks this morning in Brussels.

All three GOP presidential candidates condemned the president's moves this morning.  
'President Obama is spending his time going to baseball games with the Castros,' said Sen. Ted Cruz, who is running for the Republican nomination for president, according to reporting from ABC News' Rick Klein.  

Cruz, who is half-Cuban, had already come out against the Obama family's historic trip to Cuba this week, but the fact that the president's schedule will stay intact after the attacks was more salt on the wound. 

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, also running for president, soon chimed in making a similar demand. 

'The president must return home immediately and get to work with our allies to respond with strength against the enemies of the west,' Kasich wrote. 

Kasich brought up the baseball game as well at a press conference today. 

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