Sunday, March 27, 2016

GOP using Dem Tactics: Trump rightly calls out GOP for giving Ted Cruz more delegates even though Trump won Louisiana

Trump wins the Louisiana primary by a lot and Ted Cruz gets more delegates? 
This is the type of dirty tactics the Democrat Party is using against Bernie Sanders.  Sanders won the New Hampshire huge, but Hillary walked away with more delegates.   That’s is sleazy and the GOP is following the same blueprint to deny Trump the nomination.
The Hill reports Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in an interview Sunday blasted reports that rival Ted Cruz will pick up extra delegates in Louisiana.
Welcome to the Republican Party,” he said on ABC’s “This Week. “What’s going on in the Republican Party is a disgrace.”
The Wall Street Journal reported that Cruz could end up getting 10 more delegates from Louisiana than Trump despite the businessman winning the state's primary.
Cruz is likely to pick up the five delegates left behind when Marco Rubio ended his campaign, the newspaper reported, as well as the state's five unbound delegates who can back a candidate of their choosing.

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