Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton bashes Trump and Cruz responses to Brussels terrorists attacks, but her approach is warmed over Obama strategy that created ISIS

Hillary Clinton has no clue whatsoever on how to deal with ISIS other than to parrot empty Obama platitudes that thus far have shown to be woefully ineffective. 
If elected president ISIS would no doubt thrive under Hillary Clinton the same way their thriving under Barack Obama.  Who are we kidding here?     

USA Today reports Hillary Clinton broadened her critique of Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and their responses to the terrorist attacks in Brussels, calling them "wrong" and "dangerous" approaches that would alienate U.S. allies and proliferate the terrorist threat.

In a foreign policy address Wednesday at Stanford University, Clinton took aim at both presidential candidates, while also proposing intensified air strikes, more support for Arab and Kurdish ground fighters and greater efforts to apprehend those who enable Islamic State jihadists.

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Under a President Clinton ISIS would not only continue to kill, but thanks to her open door to all Muslims, a future terror cell may wind up living next door to your home.