Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Liberal New York judge says ISIS-loving cabbie Hisham Ahmed shouldn’t lose license for bomb threat

I think this is pretty outrageous decision.  But, this the kind of stupid things Liberals do all the time. 

NY Post reports a taxi driver accused of telling a passenger he had a bomb in his car, was thinking of joining ISIS and could have “done a better job” than the Paris terrorists, should be suspended for six months and fined $1,150, an administrative law judge has recommended.

Judge Kevin Casey refused to yank the license of cabbie Hisham Ahmed, as the Taxi & Limousine Commission had requested, after police said he posed “no threat” and after determining his volatile remarks were “out of character” in a 20-year career.

Casey said Ahmed deserved a lesser punishment for scaring the daylights out of his passenger, an Australian businessman.

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Liberals only take ISIS seriously after something happens to them.