Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Man caught having sex on Las Vegas Ferris wheel Philip Panzica killed in carjacking

This guy appeared to like to live on the edge.
AOL News reports a man who got caught having sex on the High Roller Ferris wheel in Las Vegas in February was killed in a carjacking early Saturday morning.
Philip Panzica, 27, was shot in Houston, Texas, outside of a strip club where his fiancee is reported to be on staff.

One of the shooters, Bryant Christopher Watts, allegedly told Panzica, "You need to come clean," before blasting off multiple shots, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Watts and his accomplice, Aaron Jones, dumped Panzica's body at the side of the road and before speeding off, instructed Panzica's fiancee to hand over her cash, car and to get out of the vehicle. She then flagged down a Metro bus driver for help.

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