Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Melania Trump defends her husband on CNN with Anderson Cooper against claims he’s Racist and anti everything else

Melania Trump, CNN

Politics ain’t Beanbag as the attacks on Trump by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz get more desperate. 
But, that’s the game, it’s for keeps.
Daily Mail reports Melania Trump wants Americans to know her husband is not a racist and is not anti-immigrant, as voters in 11 states go to the polls for Super Tuesday.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper on Monday night, Melania discussed hot-button issues surrounding her husband's presidential campaign.

As Super Tuesday dawns, Trump is leading comfortably in Georgia and is expected to win at least eight of the 11 primaries and caucuses.

When asked by Cooper about Trump's KK endorsement scandal and people accusing him of being racist with his tance on immigration, Melania said: 'No, he's not. He's not racist. He's not anti-immigrant.' 

 'He wants to keep America safe. He wants to have illegal immigrants taken care of that they will not be in the country, that they don't pay taxes, that they are criminals, and that they are not good for America. He wants -- he was talking about the illegal immigration, not about everybody.'

Melania also told Cooper she has to have a very thick skin and has to as the remaining GOP candidates' attacks become more vicious against her husband as the candidates fight to come out on top.  

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