Thursday, March 24, 2016

National Enquirer alleges Ted Cruz had multiple affairs

For what is worth this story is out there.
  It may be totally bogus but that’s what they said about John Edwards.  

Story here

Gateway Pundit has additional reporting here

Until I see hard evidence this story is nothing but a rumor.  But, if this claim has fingerprints that lead back to Trump, it was Ted Cruz’s PAC that got this ball rolling publishing naked photos of Trump’s wife.  Politics ain;t beanbag and payback is a Bitch, 


  1. The Enquirer has been badly burned in court in the past. I have no doubt they made sure beyond ANY DOUBT the veracity of the story prior to publication. The Cruz camp will scream, shoyt, bluster and threaten but they WON'T take legal action.

  2. More specific info here.

    It also looks like one of the women was Carly Fiorina's campaign manager, which would explain a half million dollar payment from Cruz to the Fiorina campaign.

    Too many coinkydinks for this to be false.


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