Monday, March 28, 2016

New York’s Worst Ever Bill de Blasio to sign New York City chewing tobacco ban that effects Mets and Yankees ballplayers

Doesn’t Mayor de Blasio have more important things to do like stopping out-of-control stabbings, slashings, and shootings?
  This guy is a complete joke! 

NY DailyNews reports Mayor de Blasio said he will “definitely” sign a ban on smokeless tobacco at sports arenas like Yankee Stadium and Citi Field in the next two weeks.

“It’s very important for the health of our players, and for the city as a whole,” de Blasio said on ESPN Sunday. “Young people look up to baseball players, and they look up to all athletes, and we want to protect everyone’s health.”

And de Blasio said while the early focus would be on education and warnings, city officials will not hesitate to slap fines on Major League Baseball players who flout the rules.

“We hope it will be voluntary, but later on in the season when the law takes full effect, and all the signs are posted in the stadiums and the warnings are given, if players don’t relent we will issue fines,” de Blasio said. “Obviously, given the money they make the fines may not be a big deal unto themselves, but it will show that we’re serious. And it’s just a wake-up call.”

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So how exactly is this new law getting enforced?  Is De Blasio  gonna post a police officer in the dugouts in Yankee Stadium and Citi Field and arrest a ballplayers for chewing up?

If MLB wants to ban chewing tobaco, that's their business not New York's Big Bird mayor.