Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NY Judge to cop-shooter John Thomas: ‘You will never step foot outside of a prison before you die’, thug gets 55 yrs to Life

John Thomas by: Ellis Kaplan

That’s the kind of justice this piece of filth deserves!
NY Post reports a Queens judge lashed into a cop-hating career criminal who opened fire on a heavily decorated NYPD sergeant, sentencing him to 55 years to life after disdainfully chiding, “You will never step foot outside of a prison before you die.

“Who are you, to take a gun, and try to kill a New York City Police Officer?” 

Judge Gregory Lasak jeered at shooter John Thomas Wednesday before a courtroom packed with cops, many of who smiled at the jab.

His intended target, Sgt. Craig Bier, sat front and center, beaming. 

“It’s all about choices, and you made some very bad choices” Lasak told the failed cop-killer, who had earlier reiterated his innocence when asked if he had anything to say.

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