Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Obama’s Anti-Christian Refugee Policy: Just 3 of 478 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. Since San Bernardino Are Christian

Syrian Refugees, Freedom House

I think it’s extremely obvious that Obama is pro-Muslim and anti-Christian and Jew.  The debate is over!  
Breitbart reports the United States has admitted 478 Syrian refugees since the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino on December 2. Just three of the newly admitted Syrian refugees are Christians.

According to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center, since December 2 the Obama administration has admitted one Syrian refugee identified as a “Christian,” one identified as a “Greek Orthodox,” and one identified as “Orthodox.” Another 461 Syrian refugees admitted in that timeframe were “Moslem Suni,” three were “Moslem Shiite,” ten were “Moslem,” and one identified as “other religion.”

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  1. Uhh. No it's the pathetic rantings of a pathetic racist.

    Foreigners have been arriving in America since the 17th century
    He's not a Muslim. You f0cking idiots! You are just a racist, bigoted turd! You "Christians" act as if you care about other Christians... to you, if they are not the same color skin as yours, then they are beneath you...heck forget skin color, you don't even consider some of the other denominations as real Christians.. so stop being hypocrites, and quit finding fault in the wrong places.... and realize that YOU are responsible for what happened to the Christians in Iraq and Syria... far as they were concerned, they were better off before we meddled in the affairs of their respective countries.

    I don't respect any grown up who believes in invisible men or fairies. I especially don't respect them when they hate people because their crazy stories don't jive with the other people's crazy stories.

    Angry uneducated people upset that President Obama, a half-black man is President, and not failing like his predecessor did, are so deranged that they are backing a man who makes Adolf Hitler look sane. If he’s elected and runs the country into the ground much worse than Dick Cheney, they’ll cry and pout and pull the lever for another Democrat to fix the mess that President Obama had to fix, and even vile bigoted womanizer Bill Clinton also had to fix. Somehow short memories and bigotry outweigh common sense with Republicans, and the fact that Obama has created more jobs in seven years, than any other President, and lowered gas prices to 1980s rates is so upsetting to these morons that they are willing to believe this fantasy lie Trump tells, that America is in such a bad place.

    1. What happeneded John, the battery in your back run out?


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