Saturday, March 19, 2016

Republicans and Democrats Fraud Upon the Public: Trey Goudy “negotiate a deal” to get Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes to testify at Benghazi hearings

Oh, so Fox waits to do this story on a Friday?  

This is a case of the political class looking out for each other and putting on a political show to fool the public.  I complained bitterly for a long time on this blog that the so-called select committee investigating the terrorists attacks on Benghazi was nothing but a sham.  Each political party benefitted from their own spin at what happened at Benghazi.  But, when all was said and done I knew nothing was gonna happen to Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes and to this day Hillary Clinton hasn’t been held into account.     

Fox News reports appearances by top presidential advisers Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes before the House Benghazi committee earlier this year weren’t always a sure thing – the testimony was only secured after a secret meeting in January between panel head Trey Gowdy and White House officials, a source tells Fox News.

The source familiar with the negotiations said the White House originally said no to the request to have National Security Adviser Rice and deputy Rhodes speak to the committee probing the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

But Gowdy, R-S.C., stepped in to personally negotiate for their appearances at the secret meeting, held late January in Charlotte, N.C., with members of the White House Counsel’s office.

It was during that meeting, where both parties traveled outside of Washington, where the details were finalized and agreed to. 

Rice and Rhodes, considered central witnesses in the investigation particularly over their role in crafting the administration’s faulty narrative blaming protests over an anti-Islam video, ended up testifying individually for four hours apiece.

Asked Friday about the meeting that apparently led to that testimony, the White House did not respond directly.

“I will just say as a general matter that the White House and the administration has, despite what Republicans acknowledge is the pure political motivation of that committee, has sought to cooperate with them, only because they're a co-equal branch of government,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, claiming the administration has “cooperated with them repeatedly and provided them access to senior administration officials and access to thousands of pages of documents and emails and other materials.”

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The sham is still going on.  The FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private emails is proceeding at the same snail’s pace as the select committee on Benghazi.  The public is being strung along again by both side Republicans and Democrats acting in concert to pull the wool over the public’s eyes