Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Robbing The Donald: 2nd GOP delegate Diana Orrock says primary votes don't matter

Although she is saying something that is factual according to convention rules, it still comes out as a very sleazy process. 
There’s too many eyes watching for those who want to deny Trump the nomination  to be able to get away with it.
CNBC reports GOP delegates at the convention, not primary voters or caucusgoers, choose the presidential nominee, another member of the Republican National Committee told CNBC, after a similar proclamation last week by an unbound delegate from North Dakota touched off a firestorm

"People are under the misconception that it's the results of the caucus and the results of the primary that determines who becomes the nominee. In actuality, it's the delegates at the national convention that are supposed to pick the nominee," Diana Orrock, a delegate from Nevada and Donald Trump supporter, told "Squawk Box" on Monday. 

Orrock's comments nearly mirror last Wednesday's remarks on the program from North Dakotan Curly Haugland, an RNC rules committee member. He went further, questioning whether primaries and caucuses should be held at all. He also talked about his proposed rule change to allow any candidate who earns at least one delegate to submit his or her name to be nominated at this summer's convention.

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