Sunday, March 20, 2016

'Seeking LGBT family': Confused teenage boy makes an online plea for adoptive parents who are same-sex

This is the kind of story the corrupt media machine does back flips over. 
Of course this African American teen who thinks he’s Gay will be applauded no questions asked.  I think the poor kid is very confused about who he is.  But, that makes me a Homophobe and probably a racist for thinking that way.  That’s how debate is shut down.  That’s why political correctness is corrosive to free speech.   

Daily Mail reports a teenage boy looking to be adopted by a LGBT family is warming hearts across the country.

Jaylon, a 15-year-old in Los Angeles, has an adoption profile on Heart Gallery LA that along with detailing his favorite school topics and hobbies, specifically reads: 'seeking LGBT family'.

The young man is described in the profile as: 'a bright and active youth whose favorite subjects are English and History' as well as loving 'dancing, bike riding, skateboarding, and reading comic books'.

But this is not a typical adoption profile, as this teen knows exactly what he needs in an adoptive family. 

Jaylon, the profile explains, is seeking 'a same-sex couple or other LGBT-headed family or at least a family sensitive [to] the needs and issues faced by LGBT youth'. 

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I think this kid needs counseling on how to be Heterosexual.   But, that’s considered hateful speech and in some states including New Jersey, conversion therapy has been made illegal.  I think that wrong.  But, are we allowed to debate it?