Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Shock as Sanders storms Michigan over Hillary: Vote goes to the old Socialist over GrandMa Criminal

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, YouTube

I believe in truth in reporting.  This so-called race is a rigged game.
  Sanders could win every primary left and still Hillary would win more delegates.
Daily Mail reports Hillary Clinton won the Mississippi Democratic primary early tonight, but in a surprise ending to the evening Bernie Sanders won Michigan - a state where the ex-secretary was up by double digits prior to today.

Clinton and her family campaigned in aggressively in the motor-based state this week, and the former U.S. senator accused Sanders of voting against an auto bailout that helped the state and she voted in favor of.

It wasn't enough to keep the Vermont senator at bay, however. He hit her again, and again, and again for backing trade deals he said contributed to Michigan's shattered economy.
With 99 per cent per cent of the vote counted, Sanders just squeaked home ahead of Clinton, winning 49.88 per cent to 48.22 per cent.

Sanders later he sent out a fundraising letter to his supporters calling it 'a major, game-changing victory' for his campaign.

Before the race could be called for her opponent, Clinton took the stage in Ohio. She ignored tonight's election results altogether and instead gave a Cleveland-oriented speech.
'If you work for me, if you vote for me, I will work my heart out for you,' she told her supporters gathered there. 'I will work every single day to make a difference in your lives.'

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