Saturday, March 19, 2016

Stepping on 1st Amd Rights: Trump Protestors Black Highway to Phoenix Rally

Somebody needs to tell these mental midgets that there isn’t a Constitutional right to black traffic.
  But, what do you expect from products an inferior public school system that is run by Liberals? 
Tucson NewsNow reports Trump protesters were blocking vehicles leading into Fountain Hills in advance of Donald Trump’s campaign stop Saturday morning.

Maricopa County sheriff's deputies were seen directing tow trucks to start hauling the violators away.

Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers pulled up to assist deputies at Shea Boulevard and State Route 87, where protestors, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, maneuvered their vehicles to block traffic. 

Earlier in the morning, protesters were lining up in Phoenix in advance of Donald Trump’s appearance at a campaign event at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Trump was appearing with Sean Hannity at 9 a.m. for a town hall meeting.
Protesters were staging in Tonatierra Park and planned to march to the event in a peaceful protest.

They were carrying a message they want Trump to hear.
“We don’t want you here in Arizona,” said protester Salvador Reza. “We don’t want your hate.”

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