Monday, March 28, 2016

Ted Cruz dodges question about whether he's 'always been faithful' to his wife

I’m beginning to think this story has legs after all. 
I’ve given Cruz the benefit of the doubt.  But, I don’t like the way he’s dealing with the question.  Ben Bradley, editor of the Washington Post during Watergate once coined the phrase, “non-denied denial”.  Ted Cruz has said the story is “garbage”.  But he thus far hasn’t said the allegations are untrue.     
Daily Mail reports Ted Cruz declined to answer a question on Monday about whether he has ever been unfaithful to his wife Heidi.

'Senator Cruz,' asked him, 'can you please swat down more definitively this National Enquirer piece by telling us on the record that you've never been unfaithful to your wife?'

The National Enquirer published a story last Wednesday that speculated about five women with whom the Republican presidential candidate was rumored to have had extramarital affairs.

Cruz has batted down the specifics of the story on numerous occasions since it appeared in supermarket checkout lanes.

But instead of making a blanket declaration that he has been faithful during the entirety of his 14-year marriage – a move that would effectively end the vicious news cycle – Cruz stood silently as campaign surrogate Carly Fiorina leapt in to intercept the question and change the subject.

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All Non-Denial Denials from Dan Froomkin on Vimeo.