Friday, March 25, 2016

Ted Cruz vigorous denies having multiple affairs and places blame on Donald Trump for smear without offering a shred of proof

Ted Cruz said the following on Facebook:
I want to be crystal clear: these attacks are garbage. For Donald J. Trump to enlist his friends at the National Enquirer and his political henchmen to do his bidding shows you that there is no low Donald won’t go.

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I reported on this blog that this story most likely was just a rumor.  I haven’t seen any evidence that Cruz has had an affair with anyone to be fair.  But, by the same token for Ted Cruz to immediately accuse Donald Trump of planting the story in the National Enquirer screams of politics. 

Where’s the proof?  Donald Trump is friends with the guy who owns the National Enquirer?  Guilt by association?  Let’s cut bull here.  Ted Cruz started this whole mess when his PAC published photos of an almost nude Melania Trump.  Trump fought back to defend his wife and it’s been a back and forth battle between these two guys all this week.  So Ted Cruz needs to stop with the innocent Babe in the Woods routine.  You don’t want none Ted , don’t start none!          


  1. Teddybear needs 82% of the remaining delegates to gain the nomination. He was finished even before these rumors and it surprises me that he is still trying.

    He has only himself to blame and to place responsibility on others just makes him look "liberal."

  2. Cruz did not deny having affairs. Like the scummy lawyer he is, he played word games and attacked the "attack" and the "smear". "I did not have sex with those five women." would have been a denial.

    These charges have been floating around for a couple of months and originated with the Rubio campaign.

  3. Whether or not Trump was responsible for the article, published by his good friend and supporter, isn't it odd that he is spreading the story, since one of the five women in the story is a Trump spokesperson who denies it?

    1. Okay, then Trump is responsible "off the record" for the story as Ted Cruz was for his PAC publishing the pics of Trump's wife in Utah. It's a political campaign and both guys are playing rough. I think Trump is getting the better of the battle or at least it's a wash. However, doesn't all this show that Trump is a more formidable candidate than Mitt Romney, John McCain, or Robert Dole ever was? Don't we want somebody wike this to go up against Hillary with broad appeal that Trump has demonstrated over Cruz?


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