Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trump and Cruz wins 2 states each, Rubio and GOP Establishment gets ZIP

Trump and Cruz, YouTube

Everything the GOP establishment touches this presidential season has turned to crap. 
The latest piece of garbage is Marco Rubio who has only won one state thus far and is on the verge of losing his home state of Florida.
Fox News reports Donald Trump renewed calls Saturday night for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio to drop out of the Republican race, saying he wants to take on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in a two-man GOP showdown for the 2016 party nomination.

 “Marco has to get out of the race. He has to,” Trump said.  “Man, do I want to run against just Ted.”

Trump and Cruz were Saturday’s big winners, claiming two victories each in four Republican state contests. Trump won the Kentucky caucus and Louisiana primary while Cruz claimed caucus wins in Kansas and Maine.

Cruz attributed his strong showing to conservatives coalescing behind his candidacy, calling it “a manifestation of a real shift in momentum.”

He suggested it was time for Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich to call it quits.
“As long as the field remains divided, it gives Donald an advantage,” Cruz said.

Despite the support of many elected officials, Rubio’s lackluster performance Saturday raises serious questions about his viability in the race. He finished in third place in every state that voted Saturday except Maine, where The Associated Press projected him to finish behind Kasich.

Rubio said the upcoming schedule of primaries would be "better for us," and renewed his vow to win his home state of Florida, claiming all 99 delegates there on March 15.

Saturday’s races saw high voter turnout in several states. Turnout in Republican presidential caucuses in Kansas exceeded the party's most optimistic predictions.
State GOP Executive Director Clay Barker said at least 73,000 people cast ballots in Saturday's caucuses. He said there are another 6,000 provisional ballots and 1,000 absentee ballots sent to voters but not yet collected.

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