Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump Dominates 4 of 5 States: Wins in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina, Update Wins Missouri Rubio OUT

You may be hearing a lot of verbiage from pundits, but it’s all over but the shouting. 
This race is over.  Ted Cruz won’t be able to bypass Trump even though it’s down to a two man contest. 

Chicago Tribune reports Donald Trump won a decisive victory in Florida's primary Tuesday night, forcing home-state Sen. Marco Rubio to abandon the race for the Republican presidential nomination. The brash billionaire also picked up North Carolina and Illinois, but faltered in Ohio.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich notched his first and only victory of the primary season by carrying his home state, but he has the fewest delegates of anyone still in the running and had virtually no electoral path to the nomination.

Trump, holding forth at his resort Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, urged Republicans to unify in support of him.

"Millions of people are coming in to vote. This was an example of it today," he said, citing long lines at the polls and Democrats and new voters choosing him. "We have a great opportunity."
Late into the night, it was a close race in Missouri between Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, but in a down to the wire, neck and neck finish the hotel mogul was able to clinch the victory

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Trump got the nomination locked up.  You won’t hear that from the GOP establishment and the corrupt media machine, but it’s a done deal.