Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trump hits a triple!: Wins Mississippi Michigan, and Hawaii while Cruz clinches only Idaho, Kasich and Rubio get bupkis

Donald Trump, Reuters

As pundits do a lot of talking about how Trump can fall short of getting the GOP nomination, he continues to just win primaries. 
So we have a whole lot of gum flapping that amounts to a big fat nothing.  Trump got this! 

Daily Mail reports Donald Trump told Republican voters and party bosses on Tuesday night that the time has come to rally around him following muscular primary victories in Michigan, Mississippi and later Hawaii.

As he was urging GOP elites to 'embrace' the growing voter base that he's drawn to the polls, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was busy racking up a win of his own in Idaho.
By night's end, though, Trump returned to the winner's circle by triumphing in Hawaii's Republican caucuses as he received more than 42 per cent of the vote.
'Let's come together, folks. We're going to win,' Trump said at his golf club in Jupiter, Florida, shortly after the two biggest electoral prizes of the night were added to his column.

'I think it's time to unify,' he said. 'We have something special going in the Republican party, an unfortunately the people in the party – they call them the elites, or they call them whatever they call them – but those are the people that don't respect it yet.'
Cruz, too, isn't ready to fast-track Trump's ticket to the general election. He led Trump by a strong 45-28 margin in Idaho with 88 per cent of the votes counted.

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It's the voters who are the deciders, not the elites.