Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trump wisely cancels rally at a city known for uncontrolled gun violence with the toughest gun laws, Chicago

As sites make a fuss about Trump not holding a rally in Chicago, I choose to highlight the self-inflicted wounds of the Windy City. 
For over three years I’ve challenged my readers to Google “Chicago shooting” on a Monday morning.   Over 90% of the time there would be multiple shootings involving 10 to 30 victims from Friday to Sunday.  The challenge still holds true today.  But, this story has never gotten consistent national coverage.  Black Lives Matter Movement hasn’t raised a peep about Chicago.  So I guess Chicago Black lives don’t matter.  But, Trump gets saturation coverage for canceling a rally there and gets blamed for the violence.  He has nothing to do with it.  Chicago does bad all by itself.     

CBS News reports the Donald Trump campaign on Friday night canceled a rally slated to take place in an arena at the University of Illinois at Chicago after protesters overwhelmed the event. The campaign cited safety concerns, given the tense confrontations between Trump protesters and supporters.

After the cancellation was announced, fights started to break out at the UIC Pavilion, CBS News' Sopan Deb reports.

Ahead of Trump's arrival, hundreds of demonstrators lined up outside the arena to protest the Republican presidential front-runner. Large groups of Trump opponents also occupied multiple sections inside the arena. The mix of Trump supporters and opponents created a tense atmosphere, and finally a spokesperson for the campaign announced the event was canceled.

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As a New Yorker let me say the city of Chicago has embarrassed itself for all the nation to see.  This is why their the Second City after all.