Saturday, March 5, 2016

Up Yours Mitt: Rank and File Tell Party Elites: We're Sticking With Trump

Mitt Romney, AP

This is building up to becoming even more than a Trump Tsunami. 
The support for Trump is broad.  The corrupt media machine won’t say it, but it isn’t just angry White men.   

NY Times reports from Michigan to Louisiana to California on Friday, rank-and-file Republicans expressed mystification, dismissal and contempt regarding the instructions that their party’s most high-profile leaders were urgently handing down to them: Reject and defeat Donald J. Trump.

Their angry reactions, in the 24 hours since Mitt Romney and John McCain urged millions of voters to cooperate in a grand strategy to undermine Mr. Trump’s candidacy, have captured the seemingly inexorable force of a movement that still puzzles the Republican elite and now threatens to unravel the party they hold dear.

In interviews, even lifelong Republicans who cast a ballot for Mr. Romney four years ago rebelled against his message and plan. “I personally am disgusted by it — I think it’s disgraceful,” said Lola Butler, 71, a retiree from Mandeville, La., who voted for Mr. Romney in 2012. “You’re telling me who to vote for and who not to vote for? Please.”

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Trump may send Mitt Romney a bouquet of Rosesfor adding to his numbers. 


  1. Romney and McCain are swirling to see who can go down the toilet first.

  2. i am a lifelong republican. i voted for nixon...twice..and ford. i was an enthusiastic reganite. i held my nose nd voted for bush41..then voted aginst bill clinton twice, because "the party" needed my vote. i, again, held my nose and voted for bush43, twice. my nose was lmost too sore to vote for mccain, and it was almost impossable to pull the lever for mitt...but party loylty won out.
    but now, after expecting something better, i am tired of getting the same old lying, two faced, self serving, RINO, democrat lite, GOPe, next in line, dissapointment.
    in the words of hawkeye pierce, of MASH fame..."WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE"

    i choose cruz becuse i believe he is this countrys last, best chance to turn things round aand return to the nation the founders envisioned...but....
    i WILL vote for trump, if for no other reason thn he is NOT the same old same old and may just be what we need....AND....
    i WILL NOT vote for the GOPe rubio...ever...i will either leave that line empty or vote to MAKE IT BURN and pull the hillary leaver, just to get it over with.

    1. I have no gripe with Cruz even though I like Trump more. I wish more Cruz supporters were that way


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