Sunday, March 20, 2016

Very bitter-PC Obsessed George Will argued on Fox News Sunday that Donald Trump’s support is too White (Video)

George Will, Gage Skidmore

We now live in a time where it is somehow wrong to appeal to the majority group of this country because it ends up being construed as racist. 
This is political correctness run amok and George Willl epitomizes the man who only thinks inside the PC box.  This is what the people are sick and tired of in this country and it is why Will will never understand it because he’s forever locked inside the PC group think.     
Breitbart reports on “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace,” conservative commentator George Will tied Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump to former Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

Will said, “Stylistically, Trump is in the George Wallace tradition. Who famously said there is too much dignity in American politics, we have to have more meanness. Wallace got 36 electoral votes because he is a regional candidate. What makes Trump more interesting is he has support all over the country. The problem is this, not only are his negative 61% almost doubled his positives, 32%. But he’s appealing entirely to white people. Now, in 1988, George Herbert Walker Bush got 59% of the white vote which is high. That translated in 426 electorate votes. Mitt Romney in 2012 got 59% of the white vote that, translated into 206 electoral votes. Romney got 17%, that is all, of the nonwhite vote. Trump by every measure would do worse than that.

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