Tuesday, March 29, 2016

VIDEO: Trump emotional moment with Former Miss Wisconsin who has terminal illness...

This is what Trump has done for others when nobody was looking.
The Hill reports a Donald Trump supporter who claimed to be Miss Wisconsin 2005 thanked the GOP front-runner in an emotional moment at a Tuesday rally for his help as she struggles with an incurable disease.

She thanked Trump for sending her a handwritten note and said it lifted her spirits after she decided to sign a "Do Not Resuscitate" order as her condition worsened.

She also thanked Trump for the fame that came with her pageant experience, which she said helped her son secure a scholarship.

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  1. I will admit, I am warming up to Donald.

    Teddy Cruzvelt has never done anything like this, and has always come off as indifferent (even without MistressGate or his political sleaziness).

    It is still difficult for me to justify voting, but if Donald does more of this, I will reconsider.

    1. I like Cruz, but Trump is a stronger candidate against Hillary


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