Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Political Correctness Brings to Europe: Muslim ghettos in Europe are breeding grounds for terror

Belgian Police, Reuters

All of Europe is gonna have to deal with reality. 
Either be politically correct and die or do what is necessary to survive against Muslim terror that wants to destroy The West.

Muslim ghettos in Paris and Brussels are incubators of Islamic extremism where police fear to tread, crime and unemployment are rampant and radical imams aggressively recruit young men to wage jihad against the West, experts said Tuesday.

The identities of the terrorists who attacked an airport and subway station in Belgium remained unclear.

But the perpetrators of last November’s bloody attack on Paris and other terror strikes in Belgium and France hailed from Molenbeek, a Brussels slum that has long been a hotbed for radical Islam, drugs and lawlessness.

Others, including the brothers who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January 2015, lived in the “banlieues,” or suburbs of Paris, desolate, run-down neighborhoods of shops, mosques, and high-rise apartment buildings built 50 years ago to house waves of immigrants from former French colonies in Africa.

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