Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What Trump needs to fix: US Army Indoctrinated Soldiers on Dangers of ‘White Privilege’

This is totally outrageous!  The job of the Army is to kill people and break thing, that’s it! 
I’m so sick and tired of this Liberal think permeating our military.
JudicialWatch announced today that it obtained documents from the United States Department of the Army revealing that in April 2015, 400 soldiers in the 67th Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon, Georgia, were subjected to a “white privilege” briefing, including a PowerPoint presentation instructing the attendees: “Our society attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual …”

The slideshow also informed the soldiers: “Race privilege gives whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to African Americans.” It alleged that there are unspecified “powerful forces everywhere” keeping different kinds of people from being valued, accepted, and appreciated, but “we act as if it doesn’t exist.” This alleged privilege creates a “yawning divide” in income, wealth, and dignity.  The material described a mythical African woman who isn’t aware that she’s black until she comes to America, encounters “white racism” and discovers the U.S. is “organized according to race.”

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This is the kind of stuff Donald Trump needs to flush down the toilet when he revamps the military.