Thursday, March 17, 2016

White Sox players rally around teammate Adam LaRoche and threaten to BOYCOTT games after he walked away from Baseball

As I said on an earlier post, White Sox brass has handled this situation as poorly as it could be handled.
  Treating world class athletes like ordinary corporate employees is very foolish.  These are special people and as such they need to be treated special.  Making a fuss about LaRoche’s kid hanging around the locker room or the clubhouse isn’t that big of a deal.  If it makes the player, all the better.  There are much more important things to focus on, like winning baseball games.  
Daily Mail reports the Chicago White Sox players are rallying around Adam LaRoche after he retired because he was asked to limit the amount of time his son spent in the clubhouse.
Teammates considered boycotting a spring training game in Arizona in support of the slugger who abruptly quit the game on Tuesday.
He left the franchise - and a $13million contract - after he was asked to control how long 14-year-old Drake spent with the team.
The player had apparently been warned as early as last week about bringing the youngster along on a daily basis.  
According to ESPN, White Sox manager Robin Ventura intervened and persuaded the players to take the field against the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday.
But they are expected to hold a team meeting in a couple of days to discus the situation that has sparked a backlash against the team's executives.   

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