Friday, April 1, 2016

A case of CHILD ABUSE and Social Rot : Unidentified African American mother in Tampa Florida hires Stripper to perform at 8-year-old son’s birthday party

Whoever this mother is, she obviously has no clue as to how bad a decision this was.
  But, this is what low class people do, they act like they have no class and we have the video to prove it.  But, then again P Diddy did the same thing for his teen age son.  So are we surprised this stupidness is being emulated?

NY Post reports this kid’s birthday bash looked more like a bachelor party.
Grainy YouTube video shows a stripper shaking her booty for a boy celebrating his eighth birthday.

One youngster is seen smacking the dancer’s backside, and another makes it rain dollar bills, during the age-inappropriate bash in Tampa, Fla.

Tampa cops received calls about the video last week, but cops didn’t act because nothing in the footage conclusively shows when and where the X-rated party happened, a department spokeswoman told The Post

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