Saturday, April 9, 2016

Andy Richter recalls disgraced GOP establishment Stalwart and Gay Sexual Predator Dennis Hastert’s ‘Lazyboy’ chair near high school showers: ‘Nobody questioned it’

No matter how hard one may try and keep dirty deeds secret, life has a way of exposing it for all to see. 
Dennis Hastert got away with his sexual crimes for a long time.  But, all that was hidden is blowing up in his face and will forever tarnish his legacy. 

NY DailyNews reports “Conan” sidekick Andy Richter, an alum of the school where Dennis Hastert allegedly preyed on young boys, recalled seeing the “Lazyboy” chair that the disgraced ex-pol had used to ogle showering high schoolers — and marveled that “nobody questioned it.”

“I went to Yorkville HS ‘80-‘84 & I remember this chair. Purportedly ‘to keep boys from fighting,’” Richter, 49, tweeted Friday night. “I haven’t thought of it in 30 yrs.”

The comedian’s account corroborated an alleged victim’s claim, made public by prosecutors Friday, that the ex-House Speaker had positioned an armchair “in direct view of the shower stalls in the locker room where he sat while the boys showered.”

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As I said on an earlier post, I don’t Hastert is the only Homosexual in the GOP establishment.  It’s time for the guilty to get outted.