Tuesday, April 19, 2016

At least five dead and hundreds rescued in 'unprecedented' floods: Devastation in Houston after a month of rain falls in just one HOUR - and more is on its way

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Daily Mail reports at least five people have died in flooding in Houston, Texas, where a month's worth of rain fell in just one hour.
Two people died in a vehicle that ignored barricades at a freeway underpass, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett confirmed. 

Traffic cameras recorded the vehicle going around the blockade and head into the water. The vehicle didn't make it through.
Earlier on Monday two other deaths were reported. One man was found inside a truck that that drove into high water on a freeway service road.

Crews monitoring the high water on the road saw the man in the 18-wheeler truck drive directly into the water. It's possible the driver may have suffered some kind of medical emergency.

Another man, identified only as a contractor working for the city's airport system, also was found dead in a submerged vehicle not far from Houston Intercontinental Airport.
The city was swamped with 15 inches of rain on late Sunday and early Monday. Normally, Houston sees just four inches of rain in the entire month of April. 

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