Thursday, April 14, 2016

Child Neglect in the Hood: Two children killed in New York City apartment fire who mother left home alone

Here’s a lesson of what not to do as a parent. 
You never ever leave children alone by themselves.  It’s parenting 101 that this Mom has learned the hard way. 

Fox News reports two young children were killed in a fire that tore through a New York City apartment building after their mother left them home alone so she could do laundry across the street. 

Authorities say 18-month-old Amanda Jabie and 2-year-old Jannubi Jabie died at a nearby hospital after firefighters removed them from their burning apartment in a Bronx public housing complex. 

Authorities said at least eight other people were injured in the blaze, the cause of which is under investigation. 

Witnesses told the New York Post they saw the children's mother run out of the laundromat when she heard the sirens from the fire trucks. They say she collapsed outside of the building when she was unable to get inside.

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