Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Clark County teacher Frank J. Bayer arrested on charges for kidnapping and sex acts with student

Story claims teacher waited until the student turned 18 to have sex with her. 
Yeah, right!
KTNV reports Frank J. Bayer, a teacher from Legacy High School, was arrested on Friday on three counts of kidnapping and five counts of committing a sex act with a student

Bayer appeared in court today by video. He is currently being held at the Clark County Detention Center with $200,000 bail. 

According to the official arrest report, Bayer stated a female student routinely comes into his classroom and hugs and kisses him on the mouth. He says that he told the student they need to wait until she is 18 and she graduates.

He admitted to talking to the student outside of school on Facebook Messenger.

Bayer stated the student made him brownies in February, and he thanked her by giving her a hug. Bayer says the student messaged him saying the hug "got her really excited." He says he thought that meant she wanted to have sex with him. Bayer says he told the student he was going through a divorce and should get to know each other.

The duo exchanged hundreds of Facebook messages, most that were normal conversations. They did have cyber sex over the app. Bayer also sent the student a naked photo of himself.

Bayer says they had sex on her 18th birthday in his car at a bank parking lot.  
Bayer also picked the student up from the bus stop 3-4 times. 

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