Friday, April 8, 2016

Comrade de Blasio in Hot Water?: FBI probing Mayor de Blasio’s fundraising activities

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Creative Commons

Although I would love to see Bill de Blasio dragged off hin handcuffs, I don’t know if this probe is going anywhere. 
Unless the FBI is willing to criminalize all politics, every politician in the country deserves to go to jail.  Who isn’t a corrupt politician? 

NY Post reports Mayor de Blasio’s campaign finances are now under federal investigation in widening scandal that began with the FBI’s probe into corruption among some of the most high-ranking cops in the NYPD, sources confirmed to The Post on Friday.

The feds are looking into how the mayor solicits donations from the real estate industry, including businessmen Jeremy Reichberg and Jona Rechnitz — who allegedly traded cash gifts to cops for favors, according to law enforcement sources.

A source said Friday evening that de Blasio would return the maximum $9,900 donation that Rechnitz and his wife contributed to his mayoral run in 2013.

When asked why after days of refusing to return the donations, the mayor finally relented today, a City Hall source said: “You’ll have to ask the mayor.”

The mayor’s office insisted, however, that all their fundraising was done properly.
“We are fully confident that the campaign has conducted itself legally and appropriately at all times,” campaign spokesman Dan Levitan said.

Rechnitz donated $50,000 to the mayor’s Campaign for One New York — a nonprofit that The Real Deal reports took in $1.1 million from real estate players.

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