Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dramatic moment Russian fighter jets 'buzzed' a US Navy warship in the Baltic Sea at a height of just 30 FEET in a 'simulated attack' (Video)

When will U.S. jets return the favor to the Russians?

Daily Mail reports this is the dramatic moment two Russian fighter planes buzzed a US warship conducting a routine training mission in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday night.

The Russian Su-24 planes thundered over the USS Donald Cook at a height of just 30ft in what a military official branded the most 'aggressive' incident between Russia and the United States in years.

The 'simulated attack' maneuver saw the jets pass so close to the ocean that they created a 'wake in the water', the defense official said.
The shock move came as a Polish helicopter was taking off from the US Destroyer on Tuesday.  

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  1. Damn those Russians, putting their national border so close to our ships.

    Bring our troops home and use them to guard our borders. Nothing in the Baltic is any business of the US government or responsibility of the American taxpayer.

    1. Our foeces have the right to be anywhere in international waters. We're a superpower, remember.


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