Sunday, April 3, 2016

Freedom of Thought NOT ALLOWED: NYU students backing Trump fear for their safety on campus

Photo: Helayne Seidman

That’s because American campuses have become centers for intolerance.
  There’s no such thing as freedom of ideas in these places.  Only the most extreme forms of Liberal ideology is taught and students are expected to fall into the group think Liberal professors set forth in their curriculum.    

NY Post reports NYU’s pro-Trump students fear for their safety — and grades

They may be flooding caucus rooms across the country, but Donald Trump supporters at NYU keep their heads down, mouths shut and their correspondence secret.

Lying in class about their political beliefs and keeping online conversations strictly private are typical precautions taken by The Donald’s badly outnumbered followers on campus.

“Supporters generally try to keep it hidden from the rest of the student body,” said junior Dylan Perera, 22. “They’re afraid of losing friends, being ridiculed in class, getting worse grades and are even afraid of being assaulted and physically hurt.”

The computer-science major from LA said he was verbally accosted by a student who had asked about his affiliation.

“She freaked out and started yelling and screaming in my face, calling me a racist and a fascist. It was impossible to even have a conversation,” he said.

Another student was so concerned about being outed as a Trump supporter that he reserved a private room on campus — for “security reasons” — to speak to a Post reporter. He recalled being ostracized by his “radical social-justice warrior” roommates. “Their hatred towards me started escalating after we had a few political discussions,” he said.

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