Friday, April 8, 2016

GOP donors treat Ted Cruz like $2 Ho, no love, just wanna Stop Trump

Todd Heisler/The New York Times

However, with the financial support there are strings attached. 
Some reports say a donor wants Cruz to admit to man-made climate change.  This is how the corruption starts and how long will Ted Cruz remain pure?     

NY Times reports nestled in the neo-Georgian sanctuary of the Knickerbocker Club, one of New York’s oldest and fustiest social establishments, a select group of Republican donors gathered late last month to take up an unexpected task: reconsidering Ted Cruz.

Eager to defeat Donald J. Trump, they seemed willing to overlook a few things: Mr. Cruz’s fiery attacks on Wall Street and “special-interest billionaires,” and his swipes at eminent party leaders and lawmakers. But one wealthy financial executive had a question: What did you mean when you attacked Mr. Trump for having “New York values”?

“I didn’t mean to attack people in New York,” said Mr. Cruz, a senator from Texas, explaining that he had been criticizing the state’s policies, not its populace. “I love New York.”

Of all the teeth-gritting alliances being forged over opposition to Mr. Trump’s rampaging bid for the Republican presidential nomination, few are as unlikely as the emerging bond between Mr. Cruz and his party’s elite donor establishment.

Since Mr. Cruz’s election to the Senate in 2012, many traditional Republican donors have spurned him, viewing him as a hopeless ideologue whose antics — particularly his leading role in the 2013 government shutdown — damaged the party in service of his ambitions.

But in recent weeks, at small events from the Upper East Side of Manhattan to the Republican precincts of Newport Beach, Calif., they are learning to love Mr. Cruz.

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The GOP establishment is looking to dump Ted Cruz as much as they want to jettison Trump.  Let’s be real here.  Ted Cruz’s candidacy is made of plastic.