Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Griddle getting warm for DeB: Staffers to NYC Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio slapped with subpoenas as corruption scandal deepens

Bill de Blasio was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager when she ran for the Senate. 
It sure looks like birds of a feather hang together.  He’s turning out to be just as sleazy as Hillary.   

NY Post reports a top aide to Mayor de Blasio, one of his key fund-raisers and a consulting firm that helped develop his winning campaign strategy have been slapped with subpoenas as part of the widening corruption scandal swirling around Hizzoner, according to a new report Wednesday.

Other political consultants and firms tied to the mayor also received subpoenas, but a spokeswoman declined to say if de Blasio was himself served with legal papers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The subpoenas demand records related to de Blasio’s failed fund-raising effort to help Democrats win control of the state Senate in 2014, which a state Board of Elections official has said involved “willful and flagrant” violations of campaign-finance laws, sources told the Journal.

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It doesn’t look good for DeB.