Friday, April 29, 2016

Libs Living in Dreamland: Democrat Insiders believe Clinton would crush Trump in November


This is the kind of talk that scares the GOP establishment. 
But, lets face it, they’re a bunch of scared rabbits anyway who have an inordinate fear of Hillary Clinton.  The truth is quite the opposite.  Trump is the one who is going to stomp Hillary into a grease spot on the sidewalk.  Unlike GOP marshmallow candidates of the past who insisted on competing in the PC lane of politics, Trump has no such inclinations.  Hillary won’t know what hit her.    

Politico reports in the swing states that matter most in the presidential race, Donald Trump doesn’t have a prayer against Hillary Clinton in the general election.

That’s according to top operatives, strategists and activists in 10 battleground states who participated in this week’sa POLITICO Caucus. Nearly 90 percent of them said Clinton would defeat Trump in their home states in a November matchup. 

Republicans are only slightly more bullish on Trump’s prospects than Democrats: More than three-quarters of GOP insiders expect Clinton to best the Republican front-runner in a general-election contest in their respective states. Among Democrats, the belief is nearly universal: 99 percent of surveyed said will Clinton will beat Trump.

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Insiders are making a brave noise.  But, that’s all it is, noise!