Monday, April 18, 2016

Mark Levin is a Cockroach and a paid shill for Ted Cruz: Roger Stone

Mark Levin, Gage Skidmore

I rarely link to Media Matters but in this case as a responsible blogger I have to cite where I’m getting this audio. 

Sad to say Mark Levin deserves the incoming from Roger Stone given the fact he has financialties to the GOP establishment and his personal ties to the Cruz campaign that he fails to disclose to his audience.  I’m a Levin fan and continue to be, but the guy has lost some of my respect and his credibility has taken a big hit.    


  1. I have long been a Levin fan, but now... He is lying. Plain and simple. The last week or two he has twisted the facts, and today he was talking about various caucuses, and used the date 2002.... No election in 02 right? I am going to send him his books back as soon as I find an address. Political differences I can take, outright lies I cannot.

    1. Mark has taken credibility hit. I understand he's a Cruz guy, but he's gone beyond the pale. It's sad because Mark is a smart guy that should know better. But, money and personal business makes people do thongs you expect them not to do. Sad.


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