Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meet the Stalinist Steve House who chaired a Voterless Election in Colorado: 'GO AHEAD AND BURN THE PARTY DOWN'

The fallout of what happened in Colorado by the Never Trump forces is only beginning to grow and spread across the country. 
Steve House had to shut off his phone as reported by the NY Times.
GatewayPundit reports this came in the email today from “James” a disgruntled Colorado Republican voter after the party elites gave all of the state delegates to Senator Ted Cruz.
On Saturday Ted Cruz supporters took all 13 of the delegates up for grabs at the Colorado GOP Convention to complete a clean sweep of the state.
But it was not without controversy. 

There never was a vote – Party elites decided on who got the delegates.
After Cruz swept the Colorado delegates the Colorado Republican Party tweeted this out:

From James– Included is my letter to the Colorado GOP head and his reply.
Hope this helps expose the diabolical bastards scheming to steal the nomination. Though I told him I live in Colorado I really live in N.J. and I’ll be voting for Trump on June 7th, it’ll be a landslide victory for “The Donald” here in Garden State, a friggin’ landslide.
My letter (email):

GOPe sellouts & stooges,
I guess you haven’t learned YOUR lesson, you saw what we did to the state senate president who betrayed us and voted for the anti-2nd Amendment Bills, we recalled her, what do you think we will do to you for selling us out and joining the #NeverTrump cabal?
Let me be abundantly clear so there is no mistake, WE WILL BURN THE WHOLE FUCKING PARTY TO THE GROUND ON ELECTION DAY! We will do one of three things, stay home, vote for 3rd party candidates (ones who don’t have a chance of winning) or cast our lot with the despicable Democrats and destroy the GOP for a generation, it’ll take over a decade to recover from those losses and I’m talking boycotting the entire Republican ticket here, no exceptions.

So you now have a choice, invalidate the caucus held over

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