Sunday, April 17, 2016


Cruz supporters will argue that they were following the rules.
  However, the general public will see this for what it is.  The GOP doesn’t want Trump as their nominee and are using Cruz supporters to do their dirty work.
Breitbart reports Donald Trump supporters walked out of a delegate election in Georgia Saturday to protest a vote that robbed Trump of all of his slated delegates from a district that he won in the primary.

A Cruz-Rubio alliance at the district convention in Buford, Georgia helped to knock Trump supporters out of the district’s national delegation altogether. Cruz supporters implied that Trump’s people would “embarrass” the district at the convention in Cleveland. Then things got heated.

“This morning, I attended Georgia 7th Congressional District GOP convention as a delegate and a Donald Trump supporter. We were there to elect the 3 delegates and 3 alternates to the national convention,” Ronnie Kurtz told Breitbart News. “Per the primary results, two slots were for Trump, and one was for Rubio. 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) finished third in the primary and had no delegates allotted to him…Nonetheless, the hall was stacked with Cruz delegates.”

On the first ballot, the party voted on a delegate slate that would have taken away one of Trump’s delegates but would have, at least, still given him one representative. That bloc would have given Trump supporter Debbie Dooley one of the slots and a Cruz supporter named Carolyn Fisher another slot, with a Rubio slot going to local party convention chairman BJ Van Gundy. But Cruz supporters voted down that slate.

So on the next ballot it came time to replace one or all of those delegates with new people. The Cruz supporters managed to knock out Dooley, the one Trump supporter. Kurtz described what happened:

When it came time for nominations from the floor, the Cruz bloc, which I believe had the numbers to install whoever they wanted, did not challenge the Rubio delegate. Only the true Trump supporter, Debbie Dooley, was challenged. Two Cruz supporters argued in favor of their alternative delegate, a Mr. David Hancock, on the premise that he had ‘been in the party from the beginning’ and ‘wouldn’t embarrass us at the convention.’ The convention was given no time to ask questions of the candidates on the basis that ‘the nominating committee has already interviewed them for you’. The Cruz people succeeded in voting in their delegate over Trump’s Debbie Dooley.

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What a lot of Cruz supporters don’t understand that if by some miracle Cruz wins the GOP nod in a contested convention, he becomes the new Donald Trump.  The GOP establishment won’t lift a finger to help him beat Hillary Clinton.  The corrupt media machine will eviscerate Ted like a bug.  All the big PAC money he’s getting from the GOP will dry up like a drought.  But, all that won’t come into play because I see Trump getting  1,237 anyway despite these machinations.