Thursday, April 28, 2016

Police shoot down man dressed as a HEDGEHOG after he shows-up at Baltimore TV station claiming to have a bomb

Another fruitcake bites the dust! 

Daily Mail reports a Baltimore TV station has been evacuated after a man dressed as a hedgehog walked in claiming to have a bomb.

The unidentified suspect dressed in costume entered the Fox 45 offices on the city's TV Hill at 1:00pm and told staff he had an explosive strapped to his chest. 
It turned out the 'device' was actually a 'flotation device' with chocolate bars attached together with wire, according to police.

A short time after speaking to a security guard, the 25-year-old man from Howard County left and was gunned down by police after continually ignoring their requests.

Pictures taken from outside the building show the individual - wearing a white onesie with grey ears - leaning against the wall of the lobby and looking relaxed.
He also appeared to be wearing a white medical mask and black sunglasses during the bizarre confrontation. 

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