Saturday, April 30, 2016

Priorities out of Whack: San Francisco Police Chief More Concerned about Text Messages than Reducing Out-of-Control Crime

Police-Chief-Greg-Suhr by Alex Crook

This issue is a total diversion to deflect the public’s attention away from the fact that crime is out of control in the city of San Francisco.
  A few text messages is not more important than property crime is through the roof, people are urinating and defecating on the streets at will, and that the streets of San Francisco are unsafe.    The city is a living cesspool!  And who is in firm control of that city?  Liberal-Democrats, the same kind of people who destroyed Detroit, Baltimore any every other American city where Liberal Democrats run the show.

Fox News reports San Francisco's police chief said Friday that he has ordered that all officers finish an anti-harassment class within the next month amid a racist texting scandal that has rocked the department already dogged by fatal shootings of unarmed minority suspects.

Flanked by religious and minority community leaders at a San Francisco press conference, Chief Greg Suhr also released more transcripts of racist and homophobic text messages first made available to The Associated Press along with inflammatory and inappropriate images found on former officers' cellphones.

It's the second texting scandal since 2014 in a department that is attempting to diversify its officers to reflect the San Francisco culture and population. The department of 2,100 was led by an Asian-American woman and a black man before Suhr took over five years ago.

About half the officers are white, roughly reflecting the white population in San Francisco. Asians make up a third of the city population, but account for about 16 percent of the officers. Close to 9 percent of its officers are black, exceeding a city population of 6 percent,

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This is how Liberals roll.  They cry racism to change the subject and escape any responsibility for their own policies that never work and make any situation worse.