Monday, April 4, 2016

Racial tensions erupt in Dallas as armed anti-Muslim protesters clash with the New Black Panther Party outside a Nation of Islam mosque

It was Chris Rock who coined the phrase, “If you’re on Martin Luther King Boulevard, there’s some violence going on.” 
Thankfully, the police stepped in and quickly diffused the situation before any foolishness jumped off.
Daily Mail reports racial tensions erupted during an armed demonstration outside a Nation of Islam mosque in Dallas on Saturday.

Anti-radicalization protesters from the Bureau of American Islamic Relations turned up with semi-automatic rifles and clad in skeleton masks as they confronted members of the New Black Panther Party.

Hundreds of black activists meant the group was outnumbered as they lined up behind barricades on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard.

According to Fox 4, they only stood firm for a few minutes before police told them to leave for their own safety.

As they left, the protesters chanted: 'black power'. 
A large number of officers were on duty, fearing racial overtones of the rally would turn into violence. 

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