Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rift Among Navy SEALs Over Members Who Cash In on Brand

Navy Seals, Public Domain

I don’t see how this could be avoided. 
These guys are the best of the best of the best and after they served their commitment, why not cash in?  As long as they don’t give up classified info, go for it.  

NY Times reports Eric Greitens’s bid for governor of Missouri hinges on his experience as a Navy SEAL, which he has chronicled in three books and touts on his campaign web site, where he is pictured wearing combat uniform, holding a rifle. “In the SEALs we learned, ‘there is no prize for second place in a gun fight,’” he said recently on Twitter.

Now Mr. Greitens, seeking the Republican nomination, finds himself in a battle with some former comrades, who charged in a slickly produced YouTube video that he exaggerated his record and was unduly benefiting from his time in the SEALs. The dispute lays bare a widening rift among Navy SEALs, provoked by what leaders and many in the ranks describe as rampant commercial and personal exploitation of a brotherhood that once prized discretion.

In recent months, the Naval Special Warfare Command in Coronado, Calif., which oversees the elite force, has told its men to lower their profile and tried to rein in public appearances by active-duty members. The Pentagon imposed a rule last September restricting the appearance of service members in video games, movies and television shows. Current and former members have widely circulated a pointed critique — titled 
“Navy SEALs Gone Wild: Publicity, Fame, and the Loss of the Quiet Professional” — that laments the commercialization and warns that it is doing harm.

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