Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rigged GOP: Ted Cruz wins another Voterless Election in Flyover state of Wyoming in Rigged result by GOP establishment

This is the only kind of primary Ted Cruz tends to win with regularity, the rigged kind.
Yahoo News reports Republican U.S. presidential hopeful Ted Cruz won all 14 delegates at stake on Saturday in Wyoming, besting rival Donald Trump, who made little effort to win the rural state, and further narrowing the gap in the race for the party's nomination.

Cruz is trying to prevent Trump from obtaining the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination at the July convention in Cleveland. By continuing to rack up small wins, Cruz is gaining ground on the New York real estate mogul, who has thus far failed to shift his focus on the local-level campaigning necessary to win delegates.

Trump has been critical of the process, again on Saturday calling it "rigged" while speaking at a rally in Syracuse, New York. He has repeatedly complained about Colorado, which awarded all 34 of its delegates to Cruz despite not holding a popular vote.
Trump said his supporters are becoming increasingly angry with states such as Wyoming and Colorado.

“They’re going nuts out there; they’re angry," Trump said in Syracuse. "The bosses took away their vote, and I wasn’t going to send big teams of people three, four months ago, have them out there."

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  1. I'm so disgusted with the GOP. The party bosses are corrupt to the core.

    1. Rush said it best yesterday, Trump wins by losing. Cruz snatches up voterless delegates and Trump wins the spin battle by calling it a rugged game. Pretty smart for a non politician I think.

  2. Trump should keep whining about all the "rigged" contests he loses. If he should happen to clinch the nomination, (of which I am not yet convinced) it will help immensely in his stated goal of uniting the party:
    "Hey, all you lying, cheating, immoral, law breaking thieves! Time for you to unite around ME!! Ally ally oxen free!"
    How's that going to work out for him? Can you say, "Madame President"?

    1. Mike,
      All I can say is that whatever Trump's strategy has been so far, it has worked well for him -- for the most part, anyway.

      Let me be clear. I'm not in the tank for Trump. That said, I want to see the leadership of the GOP changed so that the party is a conservative party, not a bunch of RINO's. There will be no change in power without turbulence.


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