Tuesday, April 12, 2016

School Dist Settles Suit by Giovanni Micheli Who Was Verbally and Physically Assaulted for Years by Black and Latino Students because He was White

This was a case I’m pretty sure would have been ignored by the corrupt media machine had the trial moved forward. 
This scenario fell outside the media’s template of Whites being the bad guys and Blacks and Latinos are the innocent victims.  But, in this case the White student was the minority in a high school that is majority Black and Latino.   

Gawker reports in 2010, Giovanni Micheli and his parents sued Brentwood School District, where Micheli had been a student, alleging that he had been targeted on account of his race. According to the suit, Micheli, who is white, was bullied Hispanic and African-American students, who called him “cracker” and “white boy.” Lawyers for both sides gave opening arguments in the trial on Monday. The case was resolved on Tuesday, pursuant to a confidential settlement.

From the beginning of his freshman year, in 2007, to the fall of his sophomore year, Micheli “was subjected to racial remarks, taunts, epitaphs, episodes of spitting, and physical assaults inflicted by non-Caucasian students at the District,” his complaint alleged. He also “felt himself at risk due to his minority ethnicity, the absence of any network of social contact and the lack of any support from the school staff.”

As a result of this “racial harassment,” Micheli underwent two psychiatric evaluations in November 2008. Each concluded that he was suffering from anxiety and depression. Starting in November 2008, Micheli was homeschooled.

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